Thursday, September 24, 2020

Starting A Business

Well, it's here, I'm graduated and settled into life post graduate degree. I think the schooling is helping me be a more savvy business person, but who really knows in the long run. All I know is I'm happy with where my life and art is currently. It took about a year post school to figure out what I could physically handle. I moved to South Carolina and back to Washington. I got married and we traveled (still do), and my husband supports my art and life choices fully.

 I've  begrudgingly come to the conclusion that my physical disabilities make the realm of fine art an impractical career track. I would suffer for minimal enjoyment. So now I don't do shows, residencies, teach, or write grants. I have planted myself firmly with both feet in the fiber arts.

I spin, and knit, and crochet, and dye, and talk about all of these things. I go to knitting and spinning retreats, take lectures and classes, and make, make, make. I teach when asked and help if needed and it's right where I belong.  So this blog will continue to be about art but this time it will have a twist to it. I'm going to take you on the journey of my life living with a rare disease, and how I go about living and making purpose in my day-to-day life.  I want this blog to raise awareness, and I would like people to see the ins and outs of life with a disability; all of the unseen unheard nuances that mostly go unnoticed by the people that don't live every day with me.

 This blog is moving. You can find my ramblings and meanderings through the world of the fiber arts here : Bits N Bob's Boutique. I've now been an active fiber artist for 11 years, and before that I crocheted for the fun of it. Living in the Pacific Northwest is providing me lots of opportunities and avenues to get to know the  professional side of this art form.

You can find my busniess here and here:

Bits N Bob's Boutique (ETSY)

Bits N Bob's Boutique (Ravelry) 
I  own a business. With my sister. How did we get here?…


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